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Two Die In Shooting At Puyallup Marijuana Grow Operation

The first day of Washington’s new marijuana law arrived with violence in at least one city. Pierce County sheriffs are investigating a deadly shooting of two people in Puyallup, Thursday.

Police say a homeowner shot two intruders as they were attempting to steal pot from a growing operation at the house. 

Pierce County Detective Ed Troyer says the intruders were wearing hoods and black clothes, and had backpacks and guns with them.

Troyer says he doesn’t know if the intruders knew Washington pot laws had changed. But he’s worried that break-ins may increase.

“Now that marijuana is legal, the demand is going to go up, but there is no way to cultivate it. So the growers that are already growing are going to be making more profit, growing more weed, and when you do that – and people find out you have it - there are people with guns who will come and take it from you. So we’re just hoping we don’t have situations like this too often where we end up with homeowners shot, growers shot, suspects shot. And then you know, you have the kids and neighbors that are surrounding that.”

Troyer says a nine-year-old child was in the house at the time of the shooting. Police say the 35-year-old homeowner is cooperating with investigators. 

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