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2 Oregon Teachers Unions At Impasse Headed In Opposite Directions

Teacher unions in two Oregon school districts remain at the point where they could possibly vote to strike. One may be on the verge of a strike vote, while the other has gotten closer to a deal.

The Portland Association of Teachers and Portland Public Schools are using words like “closer to a settlement,” “encouraging,” and “progress,” in describing contract talks. They say they’ve tentatively agreed on about 20 sections of the contract. They’re scheduled to meet again informally January 2nd, and with a mediator on the 6th.

Medford is headed in the opposite direction.

The Medford school board has implemented a final offer - forcing the union to either accept the contract, or vote to strike.

Union officials say Medford teachers plan to consider next steps over the holidays. The district contract includes a backdated pay raise, so teachers are receiving additional money, as part of it. Teachers have said the increased pay in the district contract is offset by higher pension and health insurance costs.

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