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Two Pedestrians Killed By MAX Train In Gresham

A MAX train struck and killed two pedestrians Saturday morning in Gresham. TriMet says the medical examiner will release the names of the victims after their families have been notified.

According to TriMet, a person in a motorized mobility device and a companion got off the train at the Gresham City Hall stop and had moved to the shelter on the platform. TriMet spokeswoman Angela Murphy said investigators are just starting to review the accident but they have a preliminary guess as to what happened. “The companion may have hopped in their lap, hitting one of the toggles, propelling them into the path of the vehicle,” she said.

TriMet said the two were caught in the gap between two connected eastbound cars just as the MAX train left the station. One person died immediately and the other died after being taken to a hospital. TriMet says its operator did not see the pedestrians and was not immediately aware they had fallen between the trains.

A vehicular crime team is diagramming the scene and investigating the accident. Gresham Police, the Multnomah County Sheriff, the Oregon State Police, and TriMet are all participating in the investigation.

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