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Unemployment Rate Varies Across The State

The Oregon Employment Department released the jobless figures Tuesday for cities and counties around the state. Corvallis is doing much better than the rest of the state.

The unemployment rate for Oregon as a whole is 9.5 percent. But when you break that number down into cities, large disparities appear. For example, Bend’s unemployment rate is 12.6 percent while 130 miles to the west in Corvallis, unemployment is about half that — at 6.5 percent.

Employment Department economist Pat O’Connor says Corvallis has Oregon State University — and that makes the town fairly stable financially.

“We’re looking at record enrollment numbers at Oregon State, which obviously that boosts employment numbers at the university, but in the private sector around town as well.”

O’Connor says even housing in Corvallis hasn’t seen the same drop as most other Oregon cities.

After Bend, the highest unemployment rate is in Medford at 11.4 percent. Then comes Salem at 9.9 percent, Eugene at 9.5 percent and Portland at 9 percent.

The nation as a whole stands at 9.1 percent.

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