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UO Offers New Scholarships For Top Students

The University of Oregon announced Wednesday that it’s rolling out a new set of scholarships for high-performing students.

Admissions’ officials say current students can keep using the Dean’s Scholarship. It’s worth up to $2000 a year for students who get through the complex qualification criteria.

But graduating high schoolers will be eligible for two new U of O scholarships: the $5000 a year Summit Scholarship and the Apex Scholarship worth $3000 a year.

And unlike the Dean’s Scholarship, the criteria are based on clear standards: SAT scores and grade point average.

Jim Brooks directs financial aid at U of O.

“We’re hoping it’ll be a very simple process, and it’ll make it clear to the best and brightest Oregonians that we do want them here at the University of Oregon.”

Annual tuition and fees at U of O are around $9300 a year — not including room and board — for Oregonians.

The Summit and Apex scholarships are available to out-of-state students, too and are actually larger, to make up for the higher tuition those students pay.

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