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UO Has 2nd-Best Fundraising Year Ever

The University of Oregon received $214 million in donations in the fiscal year that ended June 30, its second-best fundraising year ever, UO officials said.

Due in part to a $50 million gift from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his wife, UO Trustee Connie Ballmer, the haul is well above the UO’s average annual total of about $132 million over the last four years. The UO said it has only had one better year: in 2008, when it raised $277 million.

The large majority of the funds raised — about $163 million, or 76 percent of the total — are earmarked for the university’s academic side rather than athletic purposes, the UO calculates. That’s in contrast to other recent years when the split between academic and athletic giving was closer to 50-50.

The gifts include a $96 million boost to the school’s endowment, donations that are invested and spin off annual income that flows to a variety of academic and athletic uses or to new facility construction. The UO’s total endowment now surpasses $700 million.

Read more at the Register-Guard.

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