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UO Trustees Accept Gottfredson Resignation, Elevate Coltrane

The University of Oregon’s board of trustees changed university presidents late Thursday afternoon. Twelve U of O trustees voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Michael Gottfredson, and make provost Scott Coltrane, interim president.

Board chair Chuck Lillis says the outgoing president chose to resign.

Lillis denied that the board forced out Gottfredson over his handling of a sexual assault scandal involving student-athletes.

New president, Scott Coltrane defended his predecessor’s handling of the alleged rape.

“I think that all universities are dealing with a lot of the same issues, ” Coltrane said. “I think our athletic department is very well run, and they run a tight ship, and the student affairs and student life outfit do a great job protecting the rights of students. These things are quite difficult, but I think we’re better than most universities at dealing with them.”

Board chair, Lillis, says he expects Coltrane to be interim president for a year. The board agreed to pay $940,000 to Gottfredson in a separation agreement. Lillis says the money will come from donations, rather than tuition or state funds.


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