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Upset May Be Brewing In Clark County

Unofficial results show an upset brewing in Clark County. A self-funded conservative candidate, David Madore, was ahead of incumbent County Commissioner Marc Boldt, 52 to 45 early Wednesday morning.

David Madore

David Madore

Lucila Epple/OPB

Both are Republicans. Boldt found himself at odds with the County Republican party earlier this year. Party leaders accused him of taking overly-moderate stances. 

Madore, who fueled his campaign with $300,000 of his own money, says he has a specific agenda: local prosperity. 

Madore said, “We are going to open the floodgates to local private jobs. That really can be done here. And the commissioner positions are very able to do that.”

A major infrastructure project figured largely in the race: the proposed Columbia River Crossing bridge, which would span the Columbia between Washington and Oregon.

Madore ran as a critic of the project.

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