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U.S. Attorney Convenes Summit On Gun Violence

Sheriffs, prosecutors, social service providers, and others attended a summit on gun violence Wednesday, convened by U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall.

U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall

U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall

April Baer/OPB

The sessions focused on mental health, the legal tools for disarming dangerous people, and other public safety topics.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts was a presenter for a panel on creating safe spaces. His department responded to a lethal shooting at Clackamas Town Center in December.

He says talks and planning with the mall’s managers before the shooter struck were essential to his deputies’ response.

He added it’s important that even cash-strapped law enforcement units across Oregon be fully staffed and trained.

“Your core responsibility is having folks on the street, secondary is training. You have to make sure people are getting that critical training.”

Several speakers talked about enforcement of existing laws. Some discussions are about how law enforcement deals with guns in homes where domestic violence has been an issue.

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