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Vancouver City Council Approves Controversial Annexation Plan

This summer, an additional 4,600 residents will call Vancouver home. The City Council approved annexation plans Monday evening for an area called Van Mall North.

The plan will extend the city limits 2 square miles and absorb neighborhoods that are currently in unincorporated Clark County.

The plan has been controversial, especially for residents in the Green Meadows neighborhood. At past meetings, they’ve expressed concerns about utility increases, service interruptions, and the possibility of the city removing their golf course to develop housing. 

Under state law, Vancouver can annex an area through the 60 Percent Petition method. That requires the city to gather signatures from property owners who own at least 60 percent of the area’s property value. According to the city’s website, Vancouver accomplished this through utility covenants people sign when they purchase their homes and connect to city services.

The area was identified for annexation back in 2007, but plans were put on hold during the Great Recession.

The issue was taken up again more recently and was one of Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt’s priorities during his final year in office.

The council approved plans to begin annexation Aug. 1.

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