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Vancouver Delays Permitting Of Recreational Pot Shops

As Washington moves forward with a plan to issue the first licenses for recreational marijuana retailers, the city of Vancouver is taking steps to keep pot proprietors at bay — at least for now.

Monday night, the Vancouver City Council unanimously voted to impose a moratorium on marijuana shops.  Potential applicants will have to wait until June 30th of next year to apply.

Chad Eiken is the Director of Community and Economic Development for the city.

He says the delay will give the city more time to get input from the public on where the new shops should be located and, if needed, time to adjust the city zoning laws.

“We didn’t really have an idea, even until recently of how many of these retail establishments Vancouver was going to have, so we really wanted to get more public input on what should be allowed here in the city of Vancouver,” said Eiken.

Despite the moratorium, the growing and processing of marijuana will be allowed in the city’s industrial districts once the state begins to issue licenses. 

The city has scheduled a public hearing on the moratorium for November 18th.

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