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Vancouver Drafting Ordinance That Allows Uber To Operate

The city of Vancouver, Washington is drafting a new ordinance that will allow the ride-sharing company Uber to legally operate in the city.

Uber drivers are currently operating illegally in the city of Vancouver.

The city closely regulates the taxi industry, including the number of cabs allowed and the rates they can charge.

Under the new rules, the city’s taxi industry would be largely deregulated, said Brent Boger,  the assistant city attorney.

“The things that would not go away would be a certification from the taxi companies that they are complying with established insurance requirements and vehicle safety standards and driver background standards,” he said.

The development of Vancouver’s ordinance comes as the city of Portland has gone to court to shut down Uber’s operations.

Boger said the ordinance will be ready for the city council to vote on sometime in the first quarter of 2015.