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Vancouver Poised To Pass Ban On Crude Oil Refineries, Future Storage Projects

The Vancouver City Council voted in favor of an ordinance Monday night that would ban crude oil storage facilities and oil refineries in the city. The ordinance will move on to a second reading and public hearing next week.

The ban would prohibit the expansion of current oil facilities. But it wouldn’t regulate oil train traffic through the state.

The ordinance also doesn’t affect projects large enough to require state review.

The city’s  proposed ordinance won’t affect a proposal by Tesoro-Savage to build the largest oil-by-rail facility in the nation at the Port of Vancouver.

In the past, the city has voted several times to extend a moratorium on new oil facilities. The council voted unanimously Monday night in support of moving the ordinance forward.

Clarification: This article has been updated to reflect that the city voted on a first reading of the oil terminal ordinance Monday.

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