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Vancouver Revisits Fireworks Policy

The Vancouver City Council has scheduled a public hearing Monday on a proposal to further limit the sale and use of personal fireworks every summer.

Vancouver already limits fireworks sales to the week before Independence Day. Fireworks can only be used during the four-day window leading up to the holiday. If the new ordinance is adopted, fireworks could only be sold in Vancouver for three days, and used on July 4th.

Councilman Larry Smith says that as as more people have moved to Vancouver, there have been more reports about problems with fireworks, “Ranging from the noise level to the fire level, safety, you name it,” Smith says. “I need to remind folks, fireworks over here are different from Oregon. We have all kinds of fireworks, aerial fireworks, everything.”

By contrast, Oregon’s state law prohibits personal fireworks that travel more than six feet off the ground.

The issue has drawn big crowds to prior hearings, with some loud opposition. Smith says council members know they can’t please everyone. The policy, he says, is intended as a compromise that will allow non-profits to raise some money through fireworks sales, while addressing safety.

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