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Vigils Planned To Show Oregonian Support For Shooting Victims

Oregonians are grieving recent shootings in Clackamas and Newtown, Connecticut this weekend. Crisis lines staffed by Lines For Life  remain open for anyone feeling overwhelmed or anxious, and the State Attorney General’s Office has made assistance available for those who witnessed the Clackamas shooting.

Dan May and his wife Robyn were visiting Portland from Bremerton, Washington. They still have strong memories of the 1998 school shooting in Springfield. They lived in Eugene at the time.

“There’s a little deja vu,” Dan May says.

Robyn nods. “Our daughter’s friend’s older sister was shot at Thurston.”

“Our daughter knew the teacher Mrs. Kinkle that was shot,” Dan adds. “It takes a long time to heal from that and it just brings it back up when something like this happens again.”

“We’ve been in tears off and on even though it’s so far away,” Robyn May says.

Portlander Frank Mahoney lives close to Clackamas Town Center, where two people were shot to death Tuesday. He says he was glued to the news all week, even though he doesn’t usually pay attention to crime reporting.

“I was very aware when I was riding the max up here from southeast Portland to hear announcements to be on the look out for suspicious behavior or suspicious packages.”

Several gatherings are planned to remember shooting victims, including one at Bend’s Drake Park at 6 p.m., and tomorrow in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, at 4:30 p.m.

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