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Multnomah County Voters Open Wallets For Schools, Libraries

Residents of Multnomah County and Portland opened their wallets in this election to pay for extra government services and infrastructure.

The largest sum Portlanders will spend will be used to rebuild and upgrade schools buildings.

A $482 million dollar bond measure passed to renovate Franklin, Grant and Roosevelt high schools, and to rebuild Faubion K-8.

 Dozens of other schools will also receive new roofs, seismic upgrades, science lab improvements and accessibility upgrades. Portlander Anders Liljeholm is already planning for the expense. 

Liljeholm said, “Yeah, I think the school measure is going to cost me about $200 and I’m definitely looking at ways to make sure that we have that money.”

In addition to school buildings, Portlanders passed Measure 26-146: a levy to fund art teachers and organizations. 

Finally, residents also voted to form a permanent financing district for Multnomah County libraries.

All told, the three measures will increase taxes by about $250 a year, for a single Portlander living in a home appraised at $150 thousand.

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