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Wal-Mart Outlines Progress Toward Environmental Sustainability

Wal-Mart gave a progress update in Portland Tuesday on its efforts toward environmental sustainability.

The company is the world’s largest retailer.  Three years ago, it outlined a sustainability initiative.

Wal-Mart's goals include using 100 percent renewable energy, creating zero waste, and selling environmentally sustainable products.

Tara Stewart is a spokeswoman for the company.  She says Wal-Mart has improved the gas mileage of its trucking fleet and increased energy efficiency in its buildings by almost 25 percent.

Tara Stewart: “In Aurora, Colorado we take the leftover vegetable oil from frying the chicken, combine it with the leftover motor oil when folks get their oil changed in our tire and lube express, combine it, and we burn it in a biofuel burner to create a good portion of the energy the store uses for heat.”

In the last three years, Wal-Mart says it has also conserved nearly half a million acres of wildlife habitat, including portions of the Deschutes River.

The company announced its achievements at a conference sponsored by the Northwest Environmental Business Council.