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Walden: Back To The Drawing Board For Farm Bill

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden says he and the rest of the House Republican leadership will head back to the drawing board to get a version of the Farm Bill though the House.

That’s following Thursday’s defeat of the bill on the House floor. Many Democrats voted against the bill because it cut funding for Food Stamp Programs. They were joined by more than 60 Republicans. Many of them complained the bill didn’t do enough to curb spending.

Walden says there’s still time to pass a reworked version of the legislation before the current Farm Bill expires this fall. Barring that, he says the House could pass a short-term fix to buy time for a long-term deal.

Walden said, “It’s not the preferable way. It’s certainly not the way I’d like to see us govern. But these are contentious times with difficult budgetary constraints. You’ve got sequester in play. And so, it’s just harder to do.”

All four of Oregon’s Democratic House Members voted against the legislation. In a press release, Congressman Earl Blumenauer says “the bill lavished extra payments on those who need it the least, hurt poor Americans who need the most assistance.” Blumenauer calls the bill’s failure “the right outcome.”

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