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Walden Calls White House Talk 'Productive'

U.S. Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon was among the 18 Republican lawmakers who met with President Barack Obama Thursday to try to find an end to the federal government shutdown.  

No deal was reached in the one-hour meeting, but Walden says talks with the president were direct and, at times, tense.

Walden said, “But it was useful. And it’s the kind of conversation that should have taken place a long time ago to avoid government shutdown and the pickle we’re in.”

GOP House members have proposed a short-term extension of the debt ceiling. And Walden says they’d take a November deadline seriously.

He explained, “It makes no sense to just kick the can down the road. Since we’re all in this muck together, let’s figure out how we find common ground, how we work together, and how we get this done for the long term.”

House leaders and senior staff from the White House are continuing discussions tonight.

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