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Walden Expects Movement On Immigration Reform In 2014

Oregon Congressman Greg Walden says the House will likely act on immigration reform next year.

Speaking at a breakfast in Washington DC, Walden reiterated what House Speaker John Boehner has said: that the House will not go to conference on the comprehensive bill the Senate passed in June. It will instead pursue a piecemeal approach to overhauling immigration law.

Walden said House Republicans will likely get to work on it next year and that mid-term elections should not delay them.

Andrea Miller is executive director of the immigrant rights group Causa Oregon. She says she’d been waiting to hear from Walden.

“We were extremely disappointed that after all this time, this is what he had to say about immigration reform,” Miller said.

Miller says Causa has held marches and rallies in the congressman’s district. Members have met with Walden staffers and delivered thousands of letters from constituents – asking for legislation with a path to citizenship.

Miller says there’s still time left to work on it this year.

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