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Walden's Budget Remarks Prompt Threat Of Primary Challenge

Oregon Representative Greg Walden is taking heat from fellow Republicans over comments he made earlier in the week that were seemingly out-of-synch with the party line.

In an appearance Tuesday on CNN, Walden criticized a proposal in President’s Obama’s budget that would slow annual cost of living increases for Medicare and Social Security recipients.

Walden said the President’s proposal to adopt what’s called the “chained CPI” was tantamount to trying to “balance the budget on the backs of seniors.”

That put Walden at odds with fellow Republicans — including Speaker of the House John Boehner  — who’ve embraced the proposal. 

It also prompted the conservative Club For Growth to announce it would seek a primary challenger to run against Walden next year.  But Jim Moore, Political Science professor at Pacific University, says defeating Walden in Oregon’s second district would be tough.

“Republican registration is very strong, there are no other credible Republicans in the district who would take him on.  So Walden is in a district where he is incredibly safe,” said Moore.

But he also said Walden’s remarks could strain his relationships with fellow members of the House leadership.

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