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Washington State Patrol Recommends Firing Eight Troopers

The Washington State Patrol says it intends to fire eight troopers accused of submitting phony diplomas so they could collect extra pay.

The troopers and two of their former colleagues are accused of buying degrees from diploma mills. The other two have since resigned.

Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins says Tuesday's decision is not the final word.

Bob Calkins: “The accused employees still have their right to a hearing with the commanders who made the preliminary decision to terminate. So we expect those hearings to be held within the month. And those commanders are really maintaining an open mind until they hear directly from the accused employees.”

Calkins says, for now, the eight troopers are assigned to work at home.

In February, the Thurston County prosecutor declined to file criminal charges against the troopers.

He said that even though the officers admitted to collecting extra pay as a result of their phony degrees, investigators found no intent to defraud the government.

He said the troopers believed they were pursuing legitimate college degrees.