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Washington Wine Is Number One On Wine Spectator's Top 100 List

A Washington State winery has earned an honor that could translate into big sales for the Northwest wine industry.

Out of 17,000 wines, it landed the number-one spot on Wine Spectator magazine's top 100 list.  Anna King reports.

The Columbia Crest 2005 Reserve Cabernet took Wine Spectator's top prize. The bottle retails for about $27.

It's the first time that a Washington wine has reached the top of the list of wines from around the world.

It's a prestigious honor, and one that usually guarantees swift sales.

Ted Baseler is the CEO of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. He says Pacific Northwest grape growers and wine makers have been working for recognition of this kind for decades.

Ted Baseler: "There are some spectacular wines from the great regions of the world — Bordeaux, Tuscany, from Napa, and now at the very top of all of them is a Washington State wine."

Columbia Crest is a Ste. Michelle Wine Estates brand, the largest wine producer in Washington, and one of the largest in the United States. A total of nine Washington and two Oregon wines made it onto Spectator's list of 100.

Ste. Michelle only has about 1000 bottles left of its Columbia Crest Reserve Cabernet that took the top honors. The winery is taking names for a lottery to best sell some of those in-demand bottles.


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