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Water Commission Approves Temporary Rules For Klamath Water Use

The Oregon Water Resources Commission has approved temporary rules that prioritize drinking water for people and cattle in the Klamath Basin.

The rules will remain in place to help during a summer drought and are meant to ensure a supply of water for people to drink and use in cooking. 

Douglas Woodcock is with the Oregon Water Resources Department.

He says the rules will help a number of homes and ranches that rely on river water. And keep the showers on at Crater Lake National Park.

“Because Crater Lake National Park provides water for showers, sanitation, and cooking. I think it falls under these particular rules. “

Many ranchers in the Klamath basin irrigate fields to grow grass for cattle. They had their water shutoff last month.

The new rules will not reverse those irrigation shutoffs. But they do guarantee a supply of drinking water for the cattle.