Snowy plovers on Clatsop Spit.

Snowy plovers on Clatsop Spit.

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Three years ago, Fort Stevens State Park designated a half-mile portion of the beach as a “Western Snowy Plover Management Area” and invited the endangered birds to nest there. No snowy plovers took the park up on its offer.

But this week snowy plover nests were spotted at Clatsop Spit — the first time since the 1980s that anyone has seen the birds there.

Vanessa Blackstone, a wildlife biologist with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, says the sighting is even more exciting because it connects the Western Washington state and Northern Oregon snowy plover populations.

The possibility for this overlap was one big reason why the department originally picked the Clatsop Spit area, bordered by the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean, as a management area.

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