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Wheeler County District Attorney Recalled

The Wheeler County District Attorney was recalled in a vote certified Wednesday. Critics say Tom Cutsforth lost his job in part because he supported putting a residential center for mentally ill people with criminal records near the county seat. Central Oregon correspondent Ethan Lindsey reports.

Unhappy residents say county officials, including Cutsforth, tried to site the home in the county seat of Fossil without properly informing people.

Speaking to OPB's Think Out Loud , last month Cutsforth said the process was being handled in the proper way.

Tom Cutsforth: “To inform them of what's going on, and to give them real information instead of the hype and the paranoia that fled through this community.”

Four district attorneys now have been recalled in the state in the past decade. And all are from some of the state's smallest rural counties in eastern Oregon.

Cutsforth says his county's small population contributed to the result - just 335 votes allowed him to be recalled this year.

In fact, Cutsforth's ex-wife was recalled as the Gilliam County DA in 1998 with just 465 votes.