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White House Looks To Beaverton For Funding Ideas

Beaverton is the first of 100 cities in the nation that White House officials are visiting to discuss funding for key initiatives.

Beaverton, like many cities, has a number of problems, including: congestion along its major roads; and creeks that have been paved over and ignored. 

White House Deputy Director for Intergovernmental Affairs, Jay Williams, says the adminstrtion is trying to break down the barriers among various departments and send some help to Beaverton.

“What we have here is a collaboration, a number of federal agencies, the Department of Labor,  the Environmental Protection Agency, HUD, the Department of Transportation, Commerce. All converging on Beaverton as a part of really helping to connect Beaverton to the federal government to help enhance the things that are going on here in terms of the revitalization.”

Mayor Denny Doyle said Beaverton has caught the White House’s attention by winning national sustainability awards, and a climate protection award.

He hopes for funding to clean up several brownfield sites and bringing more health care outlets to town.

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