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White House Report Forecasts Sequester's Effect On Oregon

The ongoing fight over debt and spending in Washington could soon be felt closer to home.  That was the message from senior Obama Administration officials during a conference call today Monday with reporters.  The across-the-board spending cuts are known as “the sequester.”

The White House says Oregon would see more $15 million in cuts to education spending.  Those cuts, set to take effect Friday, would also cause 3,000 civilian Defense Department employees to be furloughed and 1,500 fewer children to be vaccinated.  And that’s just for this year.

In a conference call, White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said President Obama wants to see Congress replace the sequester with a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases.

“The choice is very clear for Congressional Republicans, whether they are willing to work with us to compromise to reduce the deficit in a balanced way,” said Brundage  “Or whether they are willing to let these cuts take effect.”

Reached by phone, Oregon Representative Greg Walden accused the President of engaging in political theater.  He says the House has passed two bills that would replace the sequester with targeted cuts of equal amounts.


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