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Wildfire Threatens Resort Homes Near Sun Valley

The nation’s number one priority wildfire is Idaho’s Castle Rock fire burning near the upscale town of Ketchum.  Better known by the name of its adjacent resort, Sun Valley.

At 16,000-plus acres this fire is far from being the biggest, but a billion dollars worth of property is at stake.

 Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson has more.

Nearly a thousand firefighters, ten helicopters, state and federal agencies.  Jay Nichols is with a California-based incident command team. They’re all rallying to gain control over a wildfire that threatens one of the nation’s premiere recreation spots.

Jay Nichols: "Arnold Schwarzenegger has a home up this way somewhere, John Kerry has a home up this way somewhere. I don’t know what the values of those homes are, but I know there are some fairly elite or you know, expensive properties up this way."

Expensive and historic.  Like the final home of literary legend Ernest Hemingway.  This week the Idaho Air National Guard joined the effort.

Mandatory evacuations are in effect.  More than six thousand people are considered at-risk.  The Castle Rock fire is less than 10 percent contained. As of Thursday morning, no structures had yet been lost.

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