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Winter Shelter Opens For Homeless Women

A women’s winter shelter opened Tuesday at the YWCA in anticipation of the cold months ahead. This is the fifth year of funding for the shelter.  It has 70 extra beds for winter, added to its 115 year-round spaces.

Kayla Anchell / OPB

Annie Rosen is the women’s winter shelter manager for Transition Projects.  She says over the past few years more people have been using the shelters.

“I’ve seen an increase and definitely people are experiencing the economic decline to the point where they have lost the basics to take care of themselves such as housing. It’s difficult for people to acknowledge and accept help, especially in our culture of do it yourself,” says Rosen.

Commissioner Nick Fish spoke at the event and says that the funding for the shelter comes from one-time dollars. He says without support from the community there may not be services next year. The women’s winter shelter last year provided temporary housing for more than 400 homeless women.