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Winter Storm Makes Messy Driving On Oregon Roads

A winter storm has already caused trouble on Oregon roads. A semi-trailer crash was cleared Friday on I-84 west of Ontario.

Heavy rain and gusty winds up to 40 miles per hour are hitting the Willamette Valley. Jeremiah Pyle of NOAA says traveling to the mountains or the coast might be difficult.

He explained, “Up in the mountains we’re expecting heavy snow, anywhere from 18”-30” in some of the higher terrain of the Cascades. Also into the Foothills and the Coast Range are expected to pick up significant accumulating snow as well.”

The Foothills can expect 6-12 inches of powder, with 3-6 inches accumulating in the Coast Range, at about the 1000-foot level. The snow is expected to accumulate through midday Saturday.

Significant rain is anticipated throughout the weekend.


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