Woman and people of color employed by Multnomah County make less overall than white males, according to a report released Thursday by the county auditor’s office.

Multnomah County Auditor’s Office

The report also found employees doing the same job get roughly the same salaries.

“We found that more white employees, were in the higher paying jobs and it was because of the types of jobs they had,” said Steve March, the Multnomah County auditor. If we want to try and equalize pay throughout the community, we would look at trying to bring more women and more persons of color into those high paying jobs.”

For example, March said the county could recruit more women in the corrections department, which traditionally has higher paying jobs.

About 4500 employees work at the county. This is the first report of its kind.

March said his office will deliver the findings to Multnomah County Commissioners next week.