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Protesters Pack Pendleton For Women's March

More than 400 women, men and children participated in the Pendleton Women's March on Saturday.

More than 400 women, men and children participated in the Pendleton Women’s March on Saturday.

Kathy Aney/East Oregonian

Donald Trump took office Friday, but the cheers heard Saturday in Pendleton weren’t for the new president.

Hundreds of people gathered Saturday at Pendleton City Hall for the Women’s March on Pendleton, a companion to the main rally in Washington D.C.

Turnout was larger than expected — although around 150 people said they would attend the march on Facebook, organizers eventually told the crowd that the protest ended up attracting 425 people in support of various liberal causes.

The marching route was originally planned to wind through Pendleton’s downtown area with stops at several downtown restaurants before finishing at the Heritage Station Museum. While the march did start at city hall and end at the heritage station, the overabundance of participants meant marchers were redirected to walk toward the Umatilla County Courthouse while Pendleton Police Department vehicles provided an escort.

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