Pink hats dotted the capitol lawn in Olympia Saturday morning as demonstrators gathered for a rally and march. It was one of dozens across the northwest coordinated with the march on Washington, D.C. the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The gathering in Olympia started with a rally and speakers that included Washington state lawmakers. State Representative Laurie Jinkins, a Democrat from Tacoma, criticized the Trump administration for one of its first actions: changing the White House website. Many categories of pages that reflected progressive causes at under the Obama administration are now gone, including sections about climate change, civil rights and LGBTQ issues.

“We felt that pain,” Jinkins said of the scrubbed pages, as the crowd booed over their disappearance. “But you know what? You can erase a website but you cannot erase people. We are here.”

Early rain didn’t deter the crowd that marched a one-mile loop with music, signs and chants. In a reference to Donald Trump’s messaging, marchers chanted, “love, not hate, makes America great.” [Copyright 2017 NWNews]