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Mammoth Tracks Prove Beasts Once Roamed Oregon

Mike Full stands next to huge bones from a mammoth skeleton.

Mike Full stands next to huge bones from a mammoth skeleton.

Vince Patton/OPB

More than 50,000 years  ago in Oregon, huge ancestors of elephants roamed the landscape.  And last month, near McMinnville, mammoth tracks were uncovered.

Archaeologists and paleontologists have taken a keen interest in the discovery.

The man who spotted the tracks is Mike Full. He’s a retired police officer who is an active fossil-hunter with other ancient finds under his belt. He saw the mammoth footprints as some McMinnville high-schoolers were conducting a dig at the site.

The site of a mammoth dig.

The site of a mammoth dig.

You might remember Full from an episode of Oregon Field Guide, when he found a giant sloth claw while scuba diving in the Yamhill River a couple of years ago.

Click the audio link at the top of this story to hear the entire interview with Full.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, a headline incorrectly referred to the species of mammoth found in Oregon. The creatures that roamed Oregon were known as Columbia or Imperial mammoths. Woolly mammoths lived much further north.

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