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Word Lovers Wow In Portland Palindrome Ceremony

Do geese see God?

One word palindromes.

One word palindromes.

It’s the kind of question palindromists ponder—and not because they’re interested in the theological answer.

A palindromist is someone who is especially good at composing sentences – or even whole paragraphs – that read the same, forward and backward.

Portland was the site for the SymmyS — that’s a palindrome — award ceremony this past Sunday which was, in fact, 3-10-2013 — a numbered palindrome.

The winner of the Long Palindrome contest was an Australian named Martin Clear.The title of his palindrome is, “Eric and Traci discuss the mortality of watching cross-dressers.” It’s long… here it comes:

“Traci, to regard nine men in drag,” Eric (in a play or an ironic art spot) warned, “I am not so bad.”

“I’d never even seen knees … never even did a Boston maiden raw,” tops Traci, “nor in a royal panic. I regard nine men in drag — erotic art.”

Seriously, it reads the same backwards.

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