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World Cup Soccer Fields Using Grass Seed From Oregon

U.S. soccer coach Bob Bradley announced his roster for the world cup earlier this week. Not a single Oregonian made the list.

But Oregon is making a contribution to the international soccer match in South Africa.

The country built several new stadiums and replaced its old fields to meet World Cup standards. The new fields were grown using grass seed from a Corvallis company, Seed Research of Oregon.

Bill Dunn is Executive Vice President of Seed Research. He says the turf is a mix of a common northwest perennial grass and Kentucky bluegrass. Both are tough species that will recover quickly from the wear and tear of a match.

Bill Dunn: "The lion’s share of the perennial was grown right here in the Willamette valley. And then the blue grasses were grown on the eastern side, in both Oregon and Washington."

Dunn says he's confident that the high traffic zone in front of the goal posts will still be thick and green at the end of the competition.

Oregon is one of the top grass seed producing regions in the world.