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Wyden Bill Would Provide Cost-Benefit Analysis Of College Degrees

College-bound students could have a lot more financial information at their fingertips, under a bill introduced in Congress recently.

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden joined with OSU President Ed Ray to introduce the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act at Portland State University Monday.

Rob Manning / OPB

Senator Ron Wyden gathered with higher education leaders Monday to push a bill they’re calling the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act.

Wyden says the bill promises to provide a cost-benefit analysis of various college degrees.  It would include potential student loan debt and the likely earnings a graduate could expect.

Oregon Institute of Technology president Chris Maples supports the legislation. He says it can help students answer questions about what path to follow toward their degree.

Chris Maples: “Do I work and go to school part-time to limit debt, or do I borrow, focus on completing my education, and pay off my debt with a high-paying job, and a pretty high employment opportunity?”

Senator Wyden says Americans now owe more on their student loans than to credit cards. He says student loan debt is approaching one trillion dollars.

Wyden introduced his bill in February. He says he’s optimistic it can pass in the current Congress, or early next year.