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Wyden Wants More Info On Drone Program

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says he wants to see all the legal reasoning behind the targeting of American citizens with drones, before a confirmation vote is held for John Brennan to be CIA director.

Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden


Last week, the Obama administration gave Wyden and the other Senators on the intelligence committee, the legal analysis it says gives the president the authority to target and kill American citizens with drones.  

The paperwork was released in anticipation of the committee’s confirmation hearings for John Brennan. 

Speaking on OPB’s Think Out Loud, Wyden says he can’t disclose what the legal analysis is. But he’s not sure the committee got all the documents it needs.  

He said, “I’ve made it very clear to the Justice Department and to the Administration that it’s important that the committee have all those documents before there’s a vote on the Brennan nomination.” 

Wyden say he has questions about what kind of evidence should be required before a citizen is targeted. But he said there are circumstances in which a lethal drone strike of a U.S. citizen is justifiable.

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