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Wyden's A Yes, Merkley's A No, On Debt Ceiling Vote

Oregon’s two senators split their vote on raising the debt ceiling Tuesday.

The vote passed 74 to 26.

Democrat Ron Wyden voted for it.  He issued a statement saying:  “The full faith and credit of the United States is being held for ransom, and because I’m not willing to sacrifice the economic well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans, I will vote for the deal on the table.”

He went on to say the bill protects seniors and the nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

Wyden’s fellow senator, Democrat Jeff Merkley voted no.

He put out four Twitter posts outlining his reasons. In them, he says the deal was forged out of a process of extortion and that wealthy people don’t contribute a dime.

He also says he’s concerned about the impact on working families, and he says: “Shouldn’t we be on this floor to create jobs, not to destroy jobs?”

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