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2,000 Willamette swimmers and very few E. coli

It was gorgeous in Portland Sunday as 2,000 people marched across the Hawthorne Bridge, jumped in the Willamette, and floated from the west side to the east bank near Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Here are a few pictures from The Big Float:

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I thought you might also appreciate the results of the E. coli tests that Portland Bureau of Environmental Services took on Friday to make sure the river was safe for swimming. Courtesy of Duane Linnertz, the city’s investigations and monitoring manager:

The E coli counts  for the Willamette river for Friday 7-29-11 at the Fremont Bridge were:

100 yds off the East bank:          16 E coli MPN/100ml

Mid channel:                              23 E coli MPN/100ml

From a regulatory perspective the lower section Willamette river is about 17 times under the DEQ regulatory of 406 E coli/ 100ml for recreational waters. Bottom line, these E coli levels are about as low as you will see for most rivers in the Willamette Valley area. Have fun.


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