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To cut costs, carbon emissions: Ask for directions

Oh, dear. An insurance company has quantified the cost of getting lost.

The answer, in this study: It costs men £2000 ($3,080) in fuel over a lifetime to drive an extra 276 miles a year because they’re lost.

Women aren’t much better, either. We drive an extra 256 miles a year when we get lost.

Burning the extra gas isn’t good for our pocketbooks or the planet. So, could we all just ask for directions already?

This study focused on how long men and women of various ages wait before asking for directions when they’re lost. And it concluded men, overall, wait longer.

This may be reinforcing a stereotype that I can personally challenge as a woman with virtually no sense of direction and (bad combination, I know) a deep-rooted belief that I will find my own way to my destination. And I do … but how much gas do I waste in the process?

Something to keep in mind.

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