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A familiar wolf story half a world away

Thanks to OPB’s All Things Considered host Beth Hyams for flagging this story from Public Radio International about how wolves are returning to northeast Spain and snacking on sheep just 25 miles outside of Barcelona.

[audio href=”” title=”Wolves return to Catalonia”]”People are very scared of wolves,” one rancher says in Spanish. “The wolf is like a ghost. People don’t believe because they haven’t seen them.”[/audio]

The local government is arming ranchers with Great Pyrenees puppies to protect their livestock. The rancher featured in the story is already using an electric fence, and says he wouldn’t mind if someone else killed the wolf. But he wouldn’t kill it himself.

“I think it’s right that the wolves are here,” he says in Spanish. “The wolves kill the deer that transmit diseases they kill the wild boar. Before the wolves competed with men. But today that just doesn’t make sense.”


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