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Anti-coal export protesters gather in Salt Lake City

Opposition to Ambre Energy’s proposed coal-export terminal in Longview, Wash., is growing to new heights today with a protest at the company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City.

From project opponents at the Rainforest Action Network:

SALT LAKE CITY—Today a coalition of local air quality, climate and labor groups confronted Ambre Energy at the company’s U.S. headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City.  Australia’s Ambre Energy has found itself the center of controversy as it begins a major push to build the U.S.’s first west coast facility for exporting coal, an export terminal on the Columbia River in Longview, Washington.

“From cradle to grave, coal is dirty, dangerous and outdated. It is clear that clean energy technologies—ones that don’t spew life-threatening pollution into our air and water—are the way to a prosperous, secure energy future,” said Ashley Anderson of Peaceful Uprising, a Salt Lake City-based climate justice organization.

Last week it was reported that Ambre had discussions of building out the export terminal to ship up to 12 times as much coal as the company had told state regulators (the proposal said 5 million tons per year; discussions suggested plans for up to 60 million tons). Protesters with environmental groups are demanding that Ambre energy quit coal and move into clean energy.

Longview coal export Rainforest Action Network

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