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Baffled by flip-flopping Gulf oil reports?

I have to agree with this story from today’s St. Petersburg Times about all the mixed messages on the ecological aftershocks of BP’s oil spill (gusher, to be precise). And I’d argue it’s especially difficult to decode the daily, flip-flopping stories (plume/no plume et al.) when you’re in the opposite corner of the country from where all the action is.

So, for those of you who are trying to find the truth (good for you), I thought I’d mention a helpful post on another NPR Argo Network blog Climatide. Blogger Heather Goldstone, a doctor of ocean science, offers these three tips for navigating gulf oil science. She’s also NPR’s go-to gal for news on climate change in Cape Cod, Mass. I’ll be checking in with her regularly and comparing notes on Atlantic/Pacific ocean issues. Who knows? We might have something in common.

Gulf oil spill

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