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Blazing Texas Sun Drives OSU Solar Car To Victory

Oregon State University

The Oregon State University Solar Vehicle Team won the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix in the 105-degree heat of Austin, Tex.

Eleven teams from across the continent competed in a three-day race at the end of June. OSU’s vehicle, nicknamed “The Phoenix,” made 193 laps for a total of 661 miles in 24 hours.

Vehicles made by Illinois State University and Iowa State University followed closely behind OSU with 192  and 191 laps respectively.

A cooperative racing format allows teams to help each other solve problems so that everyone does as well as possible.

Missouri University of Science and Technology and Northwestern University both offered motors to OSU after The Phoenix experienced several motor problems. And OSU helped other teams to create, install and test new solar modules, repair brake systems, and identify battery protection concerns.

Things have clearly improved for OSU’s Solar Vehicle Team since its $100,000 car exploded during a test run in 2011.

Solar Vehicle Team

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