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Video: A farm-to-fork Thanksgiving turkey

The Perennial Plate Episode 36: Giving Thanks (to turkeys) from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Daniel Klein at Grist offers a video account of his do-it-yourself turkey, complete with an unsuccessful trip to the woods to kill a wild bird, a live turkey show-and-tell with schoolchildren, a turkey slaughter, plucking and butchering. It’s a fun, realistic step-by-step of what it takes to get a turkey to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Here’s how he introduces it:

“Last November I decided to go at Thanksgiving with all the DIY spirit I could muster. That meant turkey hunting, visiting farms, bringing a bird home to my backyard, and introducing it to some elementary school students. Then with my little cousins, killing it, plucking and eviscerating it, and serving it to the family.

The event turned my girlfriend into a vegetarian and made me a little more thankful for the life that we took and the hard work of the farmer and processor.”

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