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Egg recall could have been prevented, trees could pay for owners' health care, and regular sugar beet seeds could run short

In the news today:

  • Salmonella contaminated eggs have not been detected in Oregon. But FDA says one of the largest egg recalls in recent history could have been prevented. The FDA rolled out new safety rules July 9 for large-scale egg producers.”The egg safety rule is in a phase-in approach,” said Sherri McGarry of the Food and Drug Administration, “but there are measures that would have been in place that could have prevented this if it [had] been placed earlier than in July.”
  • Can carbon offsets cover health care costs for small family foresters?
  • Sterile oysters, bred to stay fat and juicy year-round, survive Gulf oil spill.
  • Sugar beet growers, barred from using Roundup Ready seeds, worry there isn’t enough conventional seed for next year’s crops.
  • Study in the journal Science: Carbon storage in plants decreasing despite global warming.

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