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New grants fund studies on what’s killing bats

 A little brown bat with fungus on its nose.

A little brown bat with fungus on its nose.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced six grants totaling about $1.6 million to investigate the cause of white-nose syndrome in bats and to find ways to manage it.

The disease has killed more than a million bats in eastern North America and has been spreading fast across the United States and into Canada since its discovery in 2007.

Last month, the Service decided to close some caves on federal lands to stop the disease from spreading.

The grant-funded projects include studies of the fungus associated with the disease, improving detection techniques, understanding how the disease is transmitted, how the fungus harms the bats, what makes bats more susceptible to infection and how common the fungus is in the environment.

See a detailed list of studies, and more information on the disease here.

White Nose Syndrome

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