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Video: "I like the way you walk it. Dog Doogity."


You’ll probably recognize the tune. The original song, “No Diggity,” was a number one billboard hit in the mid-90s by the R&B group Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre.

But the message of this spoof video is all about how we should pick up after our dogs. You know, so their poo doesn’t wash into Puget Sound.

In the original, Dr. Dre sings, “I like the way you work it. No diggity. I got to bag it up.” But in this video, the artist Martin Luther sings, “I like the way you walk it. Dog doogity. We’ve got to bag it up.”

This clever video comes from the folks at Puget Sound Starts Here, a partnership of 57 regional governments dedicated to improving water quality in Puget Sound and area lakes, rivers and streams. They’re hoping the video goes viral. It was uploaded June 24 and already has almost 26,000 views.

Ecotrope featured another entertaining PSA from Puget Sound Starts Here a few months ago about a salmon that comes ashore to explain that fish can’t clean up our trash because they have no arms.

To learn more about how runoff pollutes waterways like Puget Sound, watch this Frontline PBS video called Poisoned Waters. Warning: This one has a slightly more serious tone.

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